Sunday, October 14, 2012

DISM Students In Action At HITB@KL

In the last week of the the vacation, five DISM students along with lecturer Mr Calvin Siak once again set foot in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia to take part in the fun-filled Capture The Flag (CTF) competition under the Hack In The Box conference 2012 hosted in KL.

To celebrate the 10th year anniversary of HITBSecConf, the CTF Overlords and CTF Crews 1.0, 2.0 and the all-new 3.0 have come together to work on a 32 HOUR NON STOP CAPTURE THE FLAG COMPETITION which are called CTF Weapons of Mass Destruction – Fallout Apocalypse! 
... ... 
Fallout Apocalypse requires each team to manage a nuclear power plant and protect their daemons, which represents the reactor's cores, from attacks while at the same time launch attacks against rival teams' nuclear reactor. Weaponized SCADA exploits can be used to cause monetary damage towards rival teams. Fallout Apocalypse also features a spanking new black market where teams may trade exploits and also purchase countermeasures. 
[Summarized and adapated from hitb.org website]

This annual overseas venture has almost become a tradition of the DISM Special Interest Group. And this year, our boys are back with the best ever result with two teams ranked at third and seventh against participants made up of almost entirely professional security consultants and university students!

All members of the "expedition" team after first arriving KL

The huge pull-up banner for the Fallout Apocalypse CTF

The scoreboard at the very beginning of the competition

A corner of the competition venue, hosting 10 teams

Team AIF laying down strategy! 
Team members (from left to right):
Nikolas Tay, Edmund Teo and Amadeus Tan

Amadeus, are you trying to ... social engineer
the legendary pro-team Sutegoma2 from Japan?

And he succeeded ... in having a group photo
containg both team AIF and team Sutegoma2!

This status map certainly has a certain "nuclear" look

The final scoreboard with team Nandy Narwhals
from DISM losing narrowly to the second place

Team Nandy Narwhals receiving the second runner-up prize
Team members (from left to right):
Ku Wee Kiat and Jeremy Heng Wen Ming

As shown in the photo of the final scoreboard above, team Nandy Narwhals finished off at third place with 2,568,000 points while team AIF got 1,756,000 points at seventh position. One thing worth mentioning was that team Narwhals was competing with one member short due to some visa problem, making the achievement even more extra-ordinary.

Kudos to DISM students! Congratulations to both teams Nandy Narwhals and AIF.

No doubt it is by far the highest ranking ever achieved in HITB CTF by teams from DISM, but we have every reason to believe in years to come future batches definitely have the potential to soar to greater heights. 

Photos courtesy of Mr Calvin Siak and Amadeus Tan

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